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Sachet Solutions Can Help Increase Your Service Excellence

Hospitality That Refreshes, Revives and Revitalises

At Sachet Solutions we’re driven by service excellence. It’s a big statement that takes some living up to. As a respected South African white label sachet manufacturer, our clients expect not only top quality packaging from us, but that one-on-one personal touch as well.

So we always try to put our best foot forward in creating and maintaining the best interactions and experiences possible for our clients. We’ve learnt a lot from it and yes, we continue to learn daily as we up our skill levels across the board.

When it comes to service excellence, perhaps the one single industry that really needs to live up to customer expectations is the hospitality sector. Hotels, guest houses, bed and breakfast establishments, lodges and backpackers all place huge emphasis on developing models of service that create loyal customers.

From opening car doors to carrying baggage, from a warm welcoming smile to complimentary juices, from comfortable rooms to breath-taking experiences – every part of the service excellence puzzle needs to fall perfectly into place.

So it’s certainly no secret that any guest establishment of repute is always striving to offer more, and increase customer satisfaction by upping their game. Excellence in customer service means developing a customer-orientated mindset driven by a psychological understanding of consumer needs. And more often than not, it’s the small things that count – that’s where Sachet Solutions step into the picture.

Want To Help Increase Your Service Excellence?

Our products offer more than simple guest comfort. They refresh, revive, revitalise. They make a real difference to guest satisfaction.

Think about it. Your guest has been sitting in a plane, in a tour bus, taxi or car to get to you. Some have travelled a short period, others for many hours and you have no waying of knowing which. But what you can be assured of is that upon arrival, they’ll want to freshen up.

Whether it’s an alcohol sanitiser wet wipe, towelette, powder, cream or liquid wash, our private label sachets can be manufactured and branded to your very specific requirements. Offer them to your guests and this small touch is guaranteed to make a big difference to their overall satisfaction.

Here’s where many of our Sachet Solutions clients are placing sachets in their establishments.

Foyers: Immediacy is the key offering here. Very often, travellers have been touching a multitude of surfaces during their journey. Placing sanitising wipes at key strategic arrival points shows that you care about guest hygiene. Sachet Solutions is able to offer you 70% alcohol sanitising sachets in wipes or liquid format.

Rooms: Whether in your guest room or guest bathroom, this is the perfect opportunity to brand your sachets with your logo, a welcome message, or a message encouraging refreshment. Ideal Sachet Solutions sachet combinations are towelettes, creams, hand washes, shampoos, conditioners and even baby wipes. 

Dining rooms: When your Sachet Solutions packaging stands out and is readily available, guests will reach for it. Conventional serviettes look great and add a classic, stylish touch at tables, but they’re not overly effective at cleaning sticky fingers. Sachet Solutions offers you bespoke packaging with refresher wipes tailored to your guest dining experience.

General areas: You take great care in ensuring your guests are well looked after at all times. It takes a monumental effort to do so. General bathrooms need to be spotless, lounges and libraries need to be well stocked with books, magazines, perhaps even nibbles. Balconies, poolside and garden areas need to be shaded and well maintained.  

These are usually high traffic areas where guests relax, chat, plan excursions and enjoy beverages. It’s a wonderful chance to treat guests to a bit of unexpected pampering. Sachet Solutions can offer you runs in a variety of shapes and sizes that are best suited to keeping your guests 100% satisfied no matter how they’re choosing to spend their day with you.

Sachet Manufacturing and Branding

For any of your hospitality sachet requirements, call us today. We’re ready and waiting to take our service excellence up another level just for you!