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Big Branding Results With Sachet Solutions

Big Branding Results With Sachet Solutions

Your customers and suppliers are everywhere. Sometimes they’re standing behind you in the queue at the mall. Other times they’re on the cycling machine alongside you at the gym.  And then, there are times that you invite them to a corporate event or conference. In every instance, you need to ensure that somehow you reach them with your business or brand messaging if at all possible. So, let’s take a look at how you achieve this.

Communicate Your Message at Corporate Promotions and Events

Planning and running a corporate event is all about meeting and exceeding the expectations of your delegates. They’re the heart and soul of your business so treating them right is paramount. Attention-to-detail is everything, from food, beverages and entertainment to décor, gifts, and guest speakers.

Your branding also needs to be taken seriously. Banners, posters, and brochures are the obvious print materials that spring to mind. But it’s those small touches that count and really make a difference. Like Sachet Solutions products for example.

We manufacture sachets that can be used for wipes, powders, and creams. The product is inserted into the sachets to keep your guests completely refreshed throughout a long day of presentations, meetings, and workshops.

Big Branding Results With Sachet Solutions

 But there’s a lot more to our high-quality sachets than meets the eye. Every Sachet Solutions pack can be branded to your exact specifications. Whether it’s your logo in full colour on the pack, a generic or teaser message or even an individualised message, it’s no problem at all.

Whatever on-pack visual advertising or messaging you need, we’ll pack, print and despatch for you. Using state-of-the-art printing machines, your messaging will always look professional, polished, and effectively communicate your message.

When thinking about your messaging, here are some hints and tips:

  • Keep your message simple, clear and to the point.
  • Include a brand benefit.
  • Use words like: New! Improved! Today! Now! Great! Fresh!
  • Use positive words, avoid negative words.
  • Make sure your message aligns with your conference/event theme.
  • Include your web address.
Big Branding Results With Sachet Solutions

Sachet Solutions manufacturing is all about delivering a service that matters. As white label sachet specialists, we go to work quickly and professionally on all order quantities. The result is in-store promotional visibility on your product, attracting customer attention immediately. Here are some guidelines to help you with your in-store promotional thinking…

  • Brainstorm a few ideas. You may initially think that Sachet Solutions isn’t suited to your product. Chances are, it is. Brainstorm and you’ll reveal some exciting promotional ideas and opportunities to apply on-pack.
  • Be creative. Customers love to be surprised and entertained. When they are, they mention your brand to others, and it becomes a talking point. Word of mouth advertising is your friend!
  • If you find that you’re unable to conceptualise innovative ideas, employ the services of someone who can. You don’t need an ad agency-type budget either. There are plenty of freelancers who will come in at a fraction of the price and deliver the same, if not superior ideas to a conventional agency.
  • If you have a small budget, target your customers carefully and run an on-pack promo at a few selected stores only. The idea is that you up visibility and create sales – reach the most important segment of your market first.

Of course, not all of your strategy needs to focus in-store. Think about places that your customers frequent where they feel positive – gyms, sports clubs and coffee shops are good examples. Perhaps instead of going on-pack, you could provide existing and potential customers with free samples and giveaways. What is important is that you think, act, and constantly adapt your overall

communication strategy to reach your customers in the most intriguing way possible. Sachet Solutions are here to help you achieve that.